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The Fine Print

Sally got into the glitter again

So exactly what is Valentine a Day all about?

It’s about talking design and the strange array of images and texts that you can find in vintage valentines.  It’s about the stories and questions that these choices evoke in a modern audience.  It’s about keeping a relationship strong and sharing some of the things I’ve learned over the past six years with one woman.  It’s about little things and the big impact they can make.

I’ll be presenting at least one new valentine a day, two on Tuesdays (just for the hell of it).   We’ll present valentines in themed batches:  cars, tools, dogs, bees, that sort of thing.  Victorian Sundays will feature (in addition to regularly themed cards) a more traditional card.

I’d love to encourage readers to send scans of cards to me directly at forksclovetofu at gmail dot com or, if you’d like to send me valentines (which I like!), drop me a line and I’ll give you my snail mail address.

We’ll get started tomorrow with some relationship advice.  And some hippos.


09 2010

Every Day Is Valentine’s Day

those valentines you got from the cute girl that said "Let's Be Friends" were the WORST

A few years ago, I forgot to get my sweetie a Valentine’s Day card on February 14.  To make up for it, I bought her a vintage card for the next Tuesday.  And the next Tuesday.  And the next one after that.  After a while, I started getting her cards for every weekday.  Then every day.

These are the cards.  These are the ways I tell her I love her.


09 2010